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OKLAHOMA CITY – A man has been charged after he allegedly led police on a chase and shot at an Oklahoma City police officer earlier this month.

It happened around midnight on September 10 when an officer was attempting to make a traffic stop near SW 74th and Western.

According to police, the situation immediately escalated as the officer approached the vehicle.

“The driver pulled a gun on the officer and the officer opened fire, discharging his weapon,” Capt. Larry Withrow, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said.

Those bullets hit the driver, who was identified as Shelby Stanfield, but he still sped away from the scene.

“As they were traveling westbound on 59th Street, the driver fired upon the officer again and then threw the gun out of the vehicle,” Withrow said.

The driver then hit several curbs and crashed at S.W. 54th and Portland. That’s where he surrendered to police.

“There was also a passenger in the vehicle who was not injured in this incident,” Withrow said.

The officer, Officer Tyler Arney, was not injured. He was placed on paid administrative leave.

On Monday, Stanfield was charged with one count of shooting with intent to kill and two counts of felon in possession of a firearm.