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After losing his sight, Allen Zderad never thought he would be able to see his wife again.

Zderad was forced to give up his career as a chemist 20 years ago when degenerative eye disease threatened his sight.

Two decades later, the 68-year-old grandfather of 10 became a candidate for a “bionic eye” implant.

Doctors implanted 60 electrodes in Zderad’s eye, which receive a signal from a camera in his glasses.That signal then goes straight to the optic nerve.

Earlier this week, he was able to test out the implant and see his wife for the first time in a decade.

He still can’t make out the details on people’s faces, but the electrodes allow him to see shapes.

He says that is more than enough for him to find his wife, Carmen.

“It’s easy,” Zderad told the Mayo Clinic. “She’s the most beautiful one in the room.”

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