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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. –  A vicious dog is on the loose after attacking several people. Deputies say it’s latest victim as a few inches away from being killed.

The dog’s owner, Lloyd Johnson, has been warned to chain it up. He’s on the run with several warrants out for him, now including failure to restrain a dangerous dog.

Most recently, a man was attacked while riding his bike past the house the dog lives in outside of Crescent, on Crescent Dover near Rockwell. According to deputies, as he was riding past, the dog went after him. According to the affidavit, he said the “dog bit him on the leg and pulled him to the ground.”

“The back of his head was laid completely open,” said Logan County Sheriff’s Deputy Chase Biggs.
“I mean you could see bone.”

When the first deputy arrived on scene, the dog was still loose, so he pulled his gun out in case it attacked again. Once Johnson’s father came out of the house, the deputy ordered him to restrain it.

“You need to get that dog inside now or I`m going to put it down,” the deputy is heard saying on bodycam footage.

The victim is lucky to be alive. He needed 37 staples on his head, along with stitches in his lower thigh.

“It definitely could have been fatal for sure,” Biggs said. “If those bites would have been over to the side of his neck and hit his jugular, I have no doubt that he would have died right there.”

This isn’t the first time the dog has attacked. Deputies said there are several victims.

“A guy was out there doing his job to read the meter and got attacked by this dog,” Biggs said.

Investigators said the owner didn’t seem to care.

“It’s not my fault my dog bit him,” Johnson is seen saying to the deputy.

“It is your fault,” The deputy replies.

“I can`t help it if he`s protective of his place,” Johnson says.

“Out on the street is not his place,” the deputy says.

Now the dog is still with its owner. Deputies said they will need a judge’s order to confiscate it.