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OKLAHOMA CITY – An island slammed by Hurricane Maria left survivors behind in the ruins.

Charles Timms, an Air Force veteran, said he has family in Puerto Rico.

“Their call was really for water. People are drinking out of streams, creeks right now,” he said.

He then decided to take action.

“This is a LifeStraw and, with it, you can drink up to a thousand liters of water from almost any water source,” Timms said. “Scoop up the water, plug the straw in it and you have access to water – not water for a day but water for up to 10 months.”

He raised money through a GoFundMe to buy 65 straws. That’s 65,000 liters of water that can be transformed into drinking water.

“Went to sporting goods stores, Cabela’s, Bass Pro Shop and worked with them to get the price lower,” he said.

Timms, an Oklahoma transplant of just a few years, said he will personally deliver the straws to people on the island and be taking the Sooner State with him.

“It didn’t take us long to understand what the Oklahoma standard meant, so we’re basically trying to emulate that standard,” he said.

He said he has partnered with the Puerto Rican Foundation of Oklahoma to keep the straws coming.