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OKLAHOMA CITY– A man is in jail after police say he killed his wife’s dog and then assaulted her.

The woman’s family says the suspect has made threats in the past, though they were shocked that he actually killed the chihuahua.

Now, he is in jail and the family says he’s not welcome back at home.

The crime happened on a quiet, southwest Oklahoma City street, near S.W. 15th and McKinley.

Julie, a woman who was at the home where the cruelty took place, said, “Apparently, he broke the dog’s neck because she wouldn’t answer her phone.”

Julie says her mom had gone to the store when her mom’s husband, James Carlton, tried to call but couldn’t reach her.

MSgt.Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said, “Apparently, she came home and found her dog, a small brown dog, was dead. He told her he killed the dog because he was angry with her.”

Julie said, “He just kind of laughed it off like, ‘Your dog’s dead.'”

She says the dog the suspect is accused of killing was named Sissy.

She says another pregnant pup named Pickles was also injured but is okay.
Not only were the dogs targeted, but according to police and Julie,  James Carlton also hurt his wife.

Police say he pulled her off a bed before retreating into the attic of the home.

That was where police found him.

Knight said, “He was hiding in the attic of the house. When officers ordered him to come down he couldn’t because he was injured previously.”

Once out of the attic, he was checked out and arrested.

James Carlton could now face a felony charge for animal cruelty, along with a charge relating to domestic abuse.

She says when he gets out of jail he is no longer welcome at her mother’s home.

Julie said, “He hurt the dogs, he’s done.”

Police also found some drug paraphernalia on the suspect.

He will likely face additional charges for that as well.