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MADISON, Wis. – Officials are calling for murder charges against robbery suspects in Wisconsin after a man was ‘literally scared to death.’

Early Tuesday morning, four contractors were working on a remodeling project inside a restaurant when two masked, armed men walked inside the building.

Authorities tell WMTV that one of the suspects targeted the restaurant’s safe while the other held the contractors at gunpoint.

During the hold up, one of the workers suffered a life-threatening medical episode. Despite seeing the man in distress, the suspects refused to call for help or allow the other contractors to help him.

“An emergency of such a nature that people should … have been able to call and do some basic self-help mechanisms when it became clear that this person was in significant distress,” Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said. “What did these armed robbers do? They allowed the man to languish, and subsequently, to die while they handed themselves the greater priority of dipping into the safe and getting their filthy lucre, or what I call blood money.”

Now, police say the robbers could face murder charges in the case. So far, no arrests have been made in the case.