LOS ANGELES, California (KFOR/Storyful) – A suspect on a skateboard was trying to flee from police, but ended up on the ground and in handcuffs – and it was all captured on video.

The Los Angeles Police Department just released the video at the top of this story, which was captured from multiple vantage points on the night of February 13th.

Officers were responding to a report of a stolen vehicle, and quickly caught up to the stolen pickup with an attached trailer.

The video shows the suspect, Pedro Villalobos, 30, lose control of the pickup, then take off on foot. He conveniently found a skateboard – but it didn’t take him far.

As officers chased him on foot, Villalobos refused multiple commands to stop.

That’s when one officer stopped his vehicle ahead of the skateboarding suspect, got out, and tried to stop him. The suspect ended up falling on the concrete. However, police are not saying that the officer pushed the man.

The LAPD released a statement, which reads in part: “One of the officers that drove past Villalobos exited his police vehicle and attempted to grab Villalobos as he passed on his skateboard. Villalobos moved his shoulder forward to avoid the officer’s grasp, causing the officer to make contact with his upper back area. The contact caused Villalobos to lose his balance and fall.”

Villalobos suffered an injury to his right leg that required hospitalization and surgery. The incident is being investigated as a “Law Enforcement Related Injury.”

After his release from the hospital, Villalobos was arrested and charged with two counts of vehicular theft and one count of reckless eluding.