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WARR ACRES, Okla. – A Warr Acres man says he became face to face with a burglar when a stranger broke into his home while he was on the toilet. That burglar telling police he thought it was his home and then admits he was high on drugs.

“Ok so they broke into your home and you just saw them take off?” the 911 dispatcher said.

“Well, I think they thought nobody was home,” Kenneth Brown said.

But Kenneth Brown was home and he says he was doing some “very important business.”

“I was in the bathroom and on the toilet,” Brown said.

He says his wife had just left a few minutes before when he heard someone open the front door.

Brown thought it was his wife who had just forgotten something but was soon in for a surprise when he called out to her.

“It wasn’t her voice,” Brown said. “It was a guy’s voice.”

Warr Acres Police say that voice belongs to Robert Dutrow.

Brown says Dutrow started mumbling incoherently before leaving.

But moments later, Dutrow came back up Brown’s driveway to the front door where he allegedly tried to get in a second time.

“I just shut the door real quick locked it and ran out the backdoor and went to my neighbor’s backyard,” Brown said.

Dutrow wasn’t alone. His partner in crime was waiting out on the street.

The man Dutrow was with took off on a bicycle.

Warr Acres Police took Dutrow into custody, and while at the police station, he told investigators he “believed he was at his own residence.”

He also said “he took more than the prescribed amount of Klonopin” and that he “likes to dab marijuana,” which is a high-concentrate of THC.

“You never expect somebody to come inside while you are on the toilet, especially that part,” Brown said.

Police say Dutrow had several pipes and drugs that tested positive for THC in his backpack.

Dutrow faces a first-degree burglary charge as well as possession of drug and drug paraphernalia.