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OKLAHOMA CITY – A man caught on camera trying to lure children away from their front yard is now booked in jail for violating his parole as a sex offender.

“We are just very scared,” Jeanne Watson said.

This is a feeling people in Crown Heights have been dealing with for weeks.

“We don’t need all this in our neighborhood or any other neighborhood,” Watson said.

One month ago, News 4 received home surveillance footage of a man approaching two young children playing in their front yard.

According to police, the man pulled into a nearby church parking lot and spoke to the children.

Fortunately, the kids’ mother heard them speaking and came outside.

The man told her his name was “Randy” and that he was a member of the church.

“He needs to be behind bars indefinitely,” Watson said.

Turns out, police say the man in the video is actually named Eric Abrams, a registered sex offender in Cleveland County.

He now sits in the Cleveland County Jail. Abrams was arrested for violating his parole sentence.

Detectives say Abrams, who lives in Norman, is bound to a GPS ankle monitor, but is allowed to travel 35 miles to Oklahoma City for addiction therapy sessions.

But the church and daycare are located blocks away.

“They all need to be registered in every county,” Watson said.

Abrams is well known to police in not just Oklahoma but also Wisconsin.

In 1995, he was arrested and convicted several times after “exposing his male genitals to two young females,” “driving his car looking for minors and performing a sexual act,” and “entering an unknown residence and sexually assaulting a 31-year-old female by force.”

“If he’s going to do it in one place he’ll do it in another place also,” Watson said.

Abrams will remain in the custody of Oklahoma authorities for now.

“I don’t even let my dogs out so heaven forbid they take a child,” Watson said. “I would have to just kill them.”

Wisconsin Corrections told News 4 Abrams will be extradited back to Milwaukee as the investigation continues.

The family in the video did not want to comment on the incident but said they’ve worked closely with police for weeks.