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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla –Police say the 33-year-old man was shopping for companionship on the computer.

It was a late night rendezvous that took a dangerous twist.

Around 1:20am, Oklahoma City police got a call for help from a home on SW 104th Place.

The man reluctantly told detectives he had hired an escort for $200. But when he was at his most vulnerable, completely naked, a violent robbery plot unfolded.

MSgt. Gary Knight said, “Once he undressed he heard a knock at the door. The female got up and opened the door and let two of her accomplices in.”

They initially claimed it was an undercover prostitution sting. But the trio robbed the man of his cash, keys and cell phone, then shot him in the forearm before fleeing the home.

Knight told us, “Any time you let a stranger into your home like that you never know what’s waiting for you. But secondly when it’s an illegal type activity where you’re finding love online soliciting illegal service and you let them into your home you’re setting yourself up to be a victim of a crime.”

The shooting victim was taken to an area hospital to get treated for a non life-threatening gunshot wound.

Police say, while he was engaging in illegal activity, the man won’t likely be charged.

Knight said, “We are more concerned with finding the shooters than going after him. Right now they present more of a danger and that’s who we’re looking for.”