ST. AUGUSTINE, Florida (KFOR/Storyful) – A very sunburned man was pulled from his partially-submerged boat off the coast of St. Augustine, Florida after spending a day-and-a-half at sea, where he was circled by sharks and stung by jellyfish.

The US Coast Guard rescued Charles Gregory, 25, on August 5 after his family reported him missing.

Charles Gregory, 25, after his rescue. Photo: US Coast Guard Southeast

“He was scared to death,” Raymond Gregory, Charles’ father, told CNN. “He said he’s had more conversations with God in that 30 hours than he’s had his whole life.”

Raymond says his son went out in his 12-foot jon boat, when the tide rose faster than he expected.

A wave toppled Charles’ flat-bottomed boat, dumping all of its contents, including his phone and life vest, as the boat was dragged farther out to sea.

Raymond said his son removed the engine to keep the vessel afloat as long as possible.

A US Coast Guard HC-130 Hercules aircrew spotted Charles sitting in his sinking boat 12 miles from shore.

He is now recovering at home from dehydration and exhaustion.

“At the end of the day, the whole moral of the story is don’t ever give up,” his father said.