OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — A man is in custody after stealing a car from a dealership on the southwest side of Oklahoma City. The man led police on a chase and even rammed into a police car before being caught and arrested.

Raul’s Truck and Auto Sales was going about a normal day, showing customers around their lot, trying to sell cars. However, everything changed when one man asked for the keys for a test drive and never came back.

“Right after that vehicle was stolen, a short time later, police were able to spot that vehicle somewhere in the area of Southeast 50th and shields and a traffic stop was attempted,” Dillion Quirk, Assistant PIO with OKCPD said.

Image courtesy McIntyre Law Chopper 4
Image courtesy McIntyre Law Chopper 4

A pursuit took place shortly after Raul’s Truck and Auto Sales called police saying one of their cars were stolen.

“The vehicle fled initiating pursuit,” Quirk said. “At some point, a high risk traffic stop was attempted again, at which point the suspect backed up the vehicle, ramming one of the police cars, 2 to 1 of our officers.”

Staff at the dealership say the man came in around noon and started asking about the different cars and trucks they had on the lot. After asking multiple questions about a few different ones, he found one he liked and asked for the keys to a blue Chevy Camaro. Before they knew it, he took off in the car.

“The pursuit was reinitiated at that time after the suspect back that rammed that vehicle into one of our officers,” Quirk said. “A TVI was successfully performed in the area of Southeast 29th, an Air depot in Midwest City, at which point the suspect driver was taken into custody.”

A TVI is a tactical maneuver by police that can be utilized during a pursuit. Law enforcement can make contact with the rear side of a suspect’s vehicle causing it to spin 180 degrees with the possibility of stopping it or at least slowing the suspect.

The car was damaged in the pursuit so the dealership is working toward a financial solution. For the suspect, he faces assault charges and larceny of a motor vehicle.