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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Many unemployment claimants are frustrated after finding their Way2Go cards disabled.

“[I feel] really crappy because I’ve got bills I’ve got to pay tomorrow,” claimant Courtney Orsburn said.

“Get it together. Our families are dependent on this right now,” claimant Rock Lenard said.

This happened just weeks before extra federal benefits come to an end.

“They pull stuff like this, especially with no kind of notice, it’s like all they’re trying to do is cut us off three weeks early,” Lenard said.

OESC posted the following response on Facebook:

“OESC did not instruct Conduent to cut off all payments to Way2Go cards. OESC is continually reviewing multiple sources of data in determining probable fraudulent activity. All action taken on claims or cards is based on analysis of data, not at random. Stops or suspensions are acted upon to not only prevent fraud to the state, but to protect claimants whose cards may have been compromised. This impacted less than 20% of cardholders and a large number are fraudulent actors posing as claimants. This is not the first nor the last time OESC will take action to prevent fraud.

OESC will continue to review requests from people claiming to have legitimate unemployment claims, but in a review of the actions taken by the agency it has been determined that the vast majority of cards that have been suspended are connected to fraudulent actors.”

However, many claimants think it’s not fair that they’re being affected when they legitimately need the money.

“It feels like they’re just trying to screw us week after week,” Lenard said.

“They need to fix this. If they’re going to do this, they need to tell people,” Orsburn said.