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CRESCENT, Okla. – Workers surveying a rural site make a massive discovery that officials say, in the wrong hands, would have been worth millions of dollars. Last week, Devon Energy workers went to a site near Crescent to prepare it for drilling.

They soon stumbled upon a small plant that had taken over the property. Those workers found a football field’s worth of marijuana.

Officials say it was 12 feet tall in some places and too thick for workers to even walk between the plants. They immediately called the Logan County Sheriff’s Department to help them figure out what do next.

The sheriff’s department contacted the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics to investigate the illegal crop.

Authorities believe it is simply a wild crop since there was no organization of the plants, no irrigation system and no evidence of actual cultivation.

It’s possible the crop started from another batch that was intentionally grown at someone’s farm. The seeds could have traveled and simply grown out of control.

Officials say the cash crop would have been worth millions of dollars had it been sold on the streets. The agencies worked to remove all the plants and eliminate the potential for regrowth in the future.

Capt. Rich Stephens, with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, said, “So we pushed it off with a big bulldozer into a pile, doused it with kerosene and it’s been disposed of that way.”

Devon Energy has owned the property for about a year but has just started developing it.

Officials say since the marijuana is growing wild, they are not looking to prosecute anyone.