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OKLAHOMA CITY — Local law enforcement officials say they’re stumbling on people getting high on things police haven’t even seen before. A recent case in point, one man’s suspicious cocktail.

Oklahoma County Sheriff Deputies are scratching their heads after stopping a man this past weekend during a traffic check. He had an alcoholic drink that he said was spiked with marijuana.

Authorities admit they didn’t even know you could drink the drug, but fear it’s more popular than they realize.

Mark Woodward of Oklahoma’s Bureau of Narcotics says, “We`ve heard of people lacing drinks with all types of materials.”

He knows most of the tricks, but cocktails that go by different names such as the “Green Dragon” aren’t as easy for them to find. This drink isn’t going to smell like marijuana and it’s definitely not going to look like marijuana.

Woodward says, “You could test the drink to make sure it tests positive for THC.”

THC is a mind altering drug that is easily disguised and certainly not as obvious as a bag of weed. Testing for THC is time-consuming and expensive. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics knows the internet is crawling with how-to instructions for marijuana laced drinks and says parents need to know about them.

“It can be just a matter of time before teenagers especially get ahold of the recipe or videos,” says Woodward. “And then start trying or experimenting with it at home.”

With the growth of the internet, authorities say there are quite a few recipes for the drinks and users have very few chances of actually getting caught.

Woodward says, “It will look like a regular drink. It will smell like a regular drink but yet it could be laced.”

It only takes a quick search on the internet to find the recipes. Woodward admits he doesn’t hear much about these marijuana infused drinks in Oklahoma.

“They`re not the type of thing that would be openly sold or used often times it`ll be clandestine,” says Woodward. “Possibly at a party with one or two just close friends experimenting with something that they found on the internet.”

It’s almost impossible to tell that a mixed drink has been spiked with marijuana so he thinks teenagers could be drinking it at parties and not even know.

“You`ve got two dangers. The danger of getting impaired by the marijuana but also the high alcohol content,” says Woodward. “Mixing them together can certainly be dangerous but either one of them by themselves can cause problems for kids.”

If the kids don’t know, then neither do their parents.

‘They will not know what`s in it often times until it`s too late,” says Woodward.

Woodward says these cocktails are going to be hard to catch but can offer parents a few tips.

“Knowing who their kids hang out with. Watching the websites that they visit,” says Woodward. “If they`re visiting websites and they have a history on their computer of researching things like marijuana drinks or any other type of marijuana product that could be a big clue to parents of the type of things they`re into.”

Now Woodward has seen these videos and said as long as they make some sort of disclaimer about medicinal purposes, there isn’t anything his department can do.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office says tests on the drinks take time. They are still waiting to find out if they can even file charges against the man they found last weekend.