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OKLAHOMA CITY- From wedding chapels to divorce court; this time of year appears to be a busy time for couples.

“Things pick up in February and March and part of it is the weather. Part of it is being the first of the year, wanting to address it with counseling,” Teresa Deck, director of counseling for Sunbeam Family Services said.

Studies show couples are more in the market for divorce than marriage in the spring. is a legal forum and finds more people are looking for a divorce lawyer in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. sees a 50 percent increase in visitors looking for search words like “divorce,” “family law” and “child custody.”

Sunbeam Family Services in Oklahoma City also sees an increase in couples coming for counseling in February and March.

“A lot of time they want to wait through the holiday and then after the first of the year, they say, ‘Okay, I need to make a change,'” Deck said. “And then it’s like it seems natural that they would want to make those changes at the first of the year.”

A major reason for marriages falling apart?

“They come because of not getting along and not being able to communicate well,” Deck said.

Another issue straining couples is work.

“There could be a lot of stress at work, handling new situations, you know if they have a job change or a loss, so those things can be stressful. Getting along with coworkers can be stressful, the amount of hours they’re required to be there,” she said.

If both spouses are willing, what feels like the end could just be a hurdle.

“I would just say make it a priority to take care of yourself, to take care of your family, and to seek help,” Deck said.

For more information, visit Sunbeam Family Services’ website.

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