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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Community members gathered to remember three children who died Saturday when their father shot them before turning the gun on himself.

Officials said 29-year-old Francoise Littlejohn took his three children from their family home early Saturday morning and livestreamed his threats to harm them on social media.

A relative of the family saw the live video and notified police, who attempted to find the family.

Neighborhood surveillance video later showed Mr. Littlejohn pulling into a neighborhood at the 11300 block of Treemont Lane around 4 a.m. Saturday morning and parking before murdering the children and turning the gun on himself.

A jogger found the children: 6-year-old Kyren Littlejohn; 4-year-old Aliyah Littlejohn; and 3-year-old Trinity Littlejohn, dead in the parked car along with the father.

A GoFundMe has been set up to help the family plan for their funerals.

Community members gathered Wednesday night to remember the three children near a memorial that was constructed at the scene; which included an iron cross, flowers, balloons, candles, and stuffed animals.

“To hear of children passing because of somebody else’s problem is really heartbreaking,” said Angela Ross, who attended the memorial.

“We’ve not seen anything like this at all ever [and] we’ve lived here a long time,” she said.

“That man had to be hurting so bad inside for him to do a video and do what he did,” added Adina Evans-Cornish.

Evan-Cornish said she lives in an adjacent neighborhood and often walks a path near where the crime occurred.

“Those [innocent] children lost their lives because their dad was suffering,” she continued. “I know there’s they’re sitting on God’s lap right now [and] that’s [a] comfort in knowing [that] those children don’t have to suffer anymore.”