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STILLWATER, Okla. – We’re learning more about an OSU basketball player who suddenly died after a workout in July.

Tyrek Coger, 21, had just transferred to Oklahoma State University from Cape Fear Community College in North Carolina.

He was rated as the 21st best junior college prospect in the nation, averaging 12 points and seven rebounds a game.

He signed with OSU on June 27, and was on campus for just two weeks before tragedy struck.

University officials say Coger was participating in a workout at Boone Pickens Stadium in July.

Authorities say Coger did not appear to be struggling during the workout, but sat down at the top of the stairs when the workout finished.

At that point, other players and staff members went over to him and noticed that something was wrong.

Immediately, trainers called 911 and firefighters arrived at the stadium less than five minutes later.

A short time later, he was rushed to a hospital and pronounced dead.

The Oklahoma State Medical Examiner initially said Coger died from cardiomegaly with left ventricular hypertrophy.

Cardiomegaly means that Coger suffered from an enlarged heart, and left ventricular hypertrophy means he also had an enlarged left ventricle.

His cause of death was ruled natural.

On Friday, the medical examiner’s office released Coger’s full autopsy.

The autopsy detailed that hydrocephalus was a contributing factor to his death.

Hydrocephalus is a medical condition where fluid is found on the brain.

The autopsy says that hydrocephalus may result in sudden death if the cerebrospinal fluid pressure rises past the point where the body can compensate, leading to “sudden neurogenic cardiac death.”