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CADDO COUNTY, Okla. – The death of an inmate at an Oklahoma jail has been ruled a homicide.

The Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office determined Darius Randell Robinson died of strangulation, the autopsy report shows.

On April 4th, officials say Robinson, 41, was caught trying to escape from his Caddo County jail cell.

When jailers attempted to restrain him, Robinson allegedly charged them, KSWO reports.

The inmate was handcuffed, pepper sprayed and put in a neck hold on the floor.

When he stopped breathing, he was taken to an Anadarko hospital where he was pronounced dead.

His autopsy results were released Wednesday.

The report showed Robinson died of strangulation.

His death has been ruled a homicide, KSWO reports.

Robinson had been in jail since April 1, 2016 when he was arrested on four child support warrants.

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