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OKLAHOMA COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – As you drive through the metro, some dispensary and smoke shop signs will read ‘No ID required’ or ‘No card required,’ but that doesn’t mean you’ll be walking out with medical marijuana without them.

In Oklahoma City at Goodies Ganja Express, there are signs that say ‘No ID required.’

Goodies Ganja Express Dispensary Manager, Erin Hibbard told KFOR those signs act as an invitation inside, not an invitation to purchase medical marijuana without a medical card.

“We carry any items that you are not required to have a medical marijuana ID for, and so we wanted to make sure that people understood that this shop wasn’t just a dispensary, that if you didn’t have an ID, you could come in, you can still buy clothes, you can buy the things over here,” said Hibbard.

Even though medical marijuana was legalized in June of 2018, Hibbard said people still try to use the store’s advertisement against them.

“It varies day to day. It’s kind of funny because you can always tell there’s the person that just wants to see what they can get by with,” added Hibbard.

Although there’s a ‘No ID required’ sign, there is a ‘Medical card required’ sign on the door leading into the dispensary.

Hibbard said the medical ID is always checked, even if that potential customer isn’t purchasing anything that day.

“It’s the same thing as if you go to a pharmacy. We are a medical place,” said Hibbard.

The owner of Emerald Elite THC in Del City, Brad Bennett told KFOR he enforces the same guidelines, even when a customer points out his ‘No card required’ sign.

While News 4 was at Emerald Elite THC, two women came in looking to purchase marijuana but Bennett immediately asked to see their medical card, which neither said they had.

The two women pointed to the sign advertising a medical card wasn’t required. Bennett told them that sign only held merit in their smoke shop, but that an medical card was required to access the dispensary which he has closed off from the rest of the shop.

The two women ended up leaving and didn’t purchase anything.

“We have the window right there where you absolutely can’t get beyond that wall without a medical card and you have to have it in your possession. It can’t just be, ‘Oh, I’ve got one at home.’ You have to have the physical card in your possession,” said Bennett.

Bennett claims to have at least five to 10 people come in on a daily basis looking to buy marijuana without a health card.

Bennett said that sign is meant to invite customers in to look at their merchandise such as hats, pipes, and rolling papers, but not marijuana.

Bennett told KFOR he will continue to uphold the law as he plans to stay open next year.

“My kids depend on me to do the right thing,” he said.

Hibbard said she too will continue to uphold state regulations because she doesn’t want to lose the opportunity to medically make her customers feel better.

The OMMA recommended if someone see or think there is dispensary malpractice, to file a business complaint. A representative said each complaint is investigated to the fullest.