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Update 6/24 – Joe Hager, the co-founder of Nature’s Key, tells KFOR that since the airing of this story, his product has been processed through the seed to sale system and the issue appears to be resolved.

A spokeswoman from the OMMA sent KFOR the following statement: 

“This is becoming a common issue that results from licensees entering testing samples into Metrc incorrectly. When licensees don’t enter testing samples correctly, Metrc puts a hold on their product. To resolve the problem, Metrc has to verify testing was properly done, which can lead to delays. We are currently working with them to address this.”

Porsha Riley | Public Information Officer 
Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Oklahoma’s medical marijuana industry continues to experience growing pains. This time, some processors say they’re frustrated with the state’s new seed-to-sale system

“I can tell you that we have a quarter million worth of inventory that should be out in the market right now,” said Joe Hager, the co-founder of Nature’s Key cannabis company. 

About a month ago, an inventory tracking system, called seed-to-sale went into effect.

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) and a Florida-based company called Metrc teamed up to implement the tracking and compliance system. 

“We’ve been eager to see some regulation put in place to allow legitimate businesses like us to function at a high level,” said Hager. 

However, he says his company’s products seem to be stuck in the weeds. 

“It hasn’t been processed through their system, so our business has been held up for the past 26 days. Our patients are starting to call concerned,” said Hager. 

Hager told KFOR that nearly a dozen OKC businesses claim to be experiencing similar issues.  

“We’ve been calling every single day reaching out to anyone and everyone that can listen to us,” said Hager.

He said he and about eight other businesses plan to take legal action. 

We called as well. Metrc sent KFOR the following statement:  

“We continue to work with OMMA to ensure all licensees have what is needed to be compliant with state guidelines. Metrc remains committed to helping create a secure and credible regulatory environment that supports businesses and protects consumers.”

Metrc spokesman

The OMMA told us they’re working on figuring out what the problem could be and will keep us updated.