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OKLAHOMA CITY  (KFOR)— Employees of an Oklahoma City delivery company are without a job and several paychecks after the business unexpectedly shut down via a note on the door.

“Happy New Year and I’m mad,” Crystal Pahcoddy told News 4.

On Tuesday, employees of Taytan Delivery showed up to work and were greeted by a sign on the door that reads, “Unfortunately, as of today 12/31/2019, Taytan Delivery is not [no] longer in business. You will be paid as soon as I am paid by my customers. Thank you for your cooperation.”

Note on the door of Taytan Delivery in Oklahoma City caught workers off-guard as business closes with no warning.

“He actually owes us two paychecks. We’re two weeks in the hole,” Pahcoddy said.

Without those paychecks, employees like Pahcoddy are left scraping the piggy bank, unable to pay those first of the month bills.

Krystal Roberts and Sarah Smith are in the same boat.

“Don’t know how we’re going to pay our bills, got kids to worry about,” Roberts said.

“Truck payments,” Smith added. “It’s devastating.”

Each time they’ve tried to reach the owner, Kevin Tipps, they said they haven’t had any luck.

“I left work, drove to his house. He was there, wouldn’t open the door,” Pahcoddy said.

News 4 tried that too and no one came to the door. We also tried calling him and he hasn’t returned our calls.

“We spend our own money on gas and we’ve been working the whole day and nothing was said to us, knowing that we weren’t going to get paid,” Smith said. “It’s wrong.”

According to a lawsuit filed back in October, Taytan is also owed money, $25,841.94 to be exact, in unpaid invoices by one of their vendors, Certified Drivers LLC, a company based in Texas.

However, regardless of what Taytan is owed, their former employees just want to know when they’ll get their hard-earned paychecks.

“That’s how I pay my bills. That’s how I feed my daughter. That’s how I keep my car,” Pahcoddy said. “We just want our money. That’s all we want.”

The employees were told they may soon have employment with another company that will take over operations of Taytan, but that is not yet set in stone.

Roberts started a go fund me page to help pay her electric bill. If you’d like to donate, click here.