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OKLAHOMA CITY – Tied up and starved – those are just some of the allegations of abuse lodged by two boys. The 11- and 12-year-olds told police their foster mom’s daughter, Tiara Kruta, would “zip tie” them to their bed and only feed him once a day.

Oklahoma City police arrested Kruta over the weekend; the 21-year-old was booked on three counts of child abuse against children in the care of her mother.

“A 12-year-old boy who said there’s been some abuse going on in his home,” said Officer Megan Morgan.

After the boy was caught running away from home, he told officers he was being physically abused.

A police report said he had several scratches on his chin, neck and mouth and his eye was slightly bruised and purple. He said Kruta did it and he was scared she’d would do it again so he ran.

The victim also told police she was hurting his brothers, who had similar stories.

“They also made some allegations against the suspect; there were some physical marks on the children that were consistent with the stories that they were giving,” Morgan said.

Officers noted the 11-year-old had visible injuries of old scarring on his wrists and ankles. The 11-year-old told police Kruta tied his feet to the bed Sunday night with zip ties, as punishment.

“It’s not right, and now we’re being persecuted because of it,” said the foster mother.

The boys’ guardian didn’t want to be identified but said the allegations against her daughter are lies.

“They’re false, that I have stacks of cases that these kids were abandoned at my house four years ago,” she said.

She said the 12-year-old has a history of abusing his brothers and her daughter and he made up the whole story.

“When he got caught this time, he decided, to get out of trouble, he was going to make allegations,” she said.

The foster mom went on tell us the three boys are no longer in her care and she plans to help her daughter fight the charges.