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Warning: Details in this story may be considered graphic.

OKLAHOMA CITY – A Martin Luther King Elementary School teacher was arrested and charged with sexual battery against a fellow female teacher Wednesday.

The victim alleges Kiera Smith got physical with her in the school hall and crossed the line.

According to court documents, it happened May 3 near the end of the day. The victim was talking to other coworkers with her back to the main office door when she claims “she felt a hand go underneath a jacket, which was tied around her waist, go between her legs from behind then touching the area between her vagina and rectum. This happened on top of her clothing.” When she turned, she saw it was Smith

Smith allegedly said “I was gonna see what your response was going to be and it should have been this,” holding up her right hand like she was going to slap someone.

The victim said she was “stunned, felt humiliated, and violated.” She told investigators she was living “in fear of coming out of her classroom and seeing the suspect.”

The encounter was caught on surveillance video which has not been released to News 4.

In a statement, Beth Harrison, a spokesperson for the Oklahoma City Public Schools, said:

“On Wednesday, May 16, Oklahoma City Police Department arrested a teacher at Martin Luther King Elementary. District teams are fully cooperating with authorities, and OKCPS will take action as needed once internal and external investigations are complete. As always, the safety and security of students and staff is our number one priority. Due to the ongoing law enforcement review, all inquiries regarding this case should be made to the Oklahoma City Police Department.”

Smith was arrested and charged with sexual battery. She is being held on a $5,000 bond.