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MUSTANG, Okla. – David Brown has big plans for his 2,600 square foot house.

He started building his dream home last year, after fire consumed the previous property and everything inside.

“It’s a horrible experience to lose your house to a fire,” Brown said.

But, it has gone from bad to worse for the Mustang family of four.

A contractor failed to pay the concrete supplier, and a lien was placed on the property.

Brown coughed up almost 13 grand to clear the lien.

But, by then, the lender backed out.

“The framer was scheduled to be here, but I had to call and tell him no, because we had this catastrophe,” Brown told us.

And, the Browns can’t find another lender to take over.

“They say the reason is they won’t be able to get title insurance since we’ve already started,” Brown said.

There is one option: to get that loan, according to Brown.

“It’s been suggested we can tear it down and start over. That would literally be like putting $109,000 in the fireplace just to watch it burn. We didn’t take that course.”

The Browns still need about $190,000 to complete their home.

They pray a lender will help a family who has already endured an avalanche of misfortune.

“Give me a call. I want to talk. I need to finish my home for my family,” Brown pleaded.

They are currently living in a small trailer on the property and started a GoFundMe campaign to assist with the building expenses.