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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – A metro grandmother is furious after she says the district neglected her granddaughter more than once.

Angel Parent-Perez says her 5-year-old granddaughter, Elena, has Down Syndrome and is hard of hearing.

Parent-Perez says one day, the bus driver and monitor almost gave the daycare worker the wrong kid.

They kept trying to give this other child to her and she said no, stepped on the bus and Elena popped her head out,” said Parent-Perez.
“And the monitor on the bus said, well can you keep this other child because we don’t know where she goes.”

The daycare confirms this incident.

On another occasion, she says the bus dropped her off at the wrong place with no supervision. Instead of leaving her at daycare, the driver and monitor left her outside of an empty house.

Most recently, Parent-Perez says Elena went missing for two hours.

“Obviously, you don’t have good procedures because a phone call should have been made to the school. ‘We have this child. Where does she go?’ Not two hours later and then drop her off where she is filled with poop and urine,” said Parent-Perez.

Parent-Prez says she’s reached out to the district with no luck.

News 4 tried to call, email and text the district. Eventually, a representative told us they could not give us a response because the district was on winter break.

Earlier in December, we told you about another girl with special needs who was left on a bus in her wheelchair alone for hours.

Parent-Perez is afraid this could happen again.

“Something like what happened to that little girl that was left on the bus happening to her. Or someone taking her and doing horrible things to her because she can’t speak for herself,” said Parent Perez, who says it was the same driver and monitor involved in the last incident.