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HARRAH, Okla. – A metro man has been arrested after he allegedly shot his daughter’s two dogs after she failed to do the dishes.

It happened near N.E. 36th and Luther Road.

“A 17-year-old girl, what she claimed is she had a fight, an altercation, you know, an argument with her father the night before,” said Mark Opgrande with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “Her mother then came and picked her and her younger brother up.”

According to investigators, Jeffrey Don Edwards was arrested Wednesday and booked on two counts of animal cruelty after he shot both dogs to death and dumped them by the river.

A family member tells us the dogs were a golden retriever named Jessica Dawn and a mix named Duck. The family member also said Edwards used his own daughter’s truck to dispose of the dogs’ bodies.

When the girl came home the next day, she found her pickup covered in blood.

“They talked to someone else who was there at the residence who said that her father had shot both of her dogs,” Opgrande said.

Court documents said Edwards told employees at a nearby gas station about what he did.

Witnesses said he complained about a dirty house and told them he shot the dog and didn’t show any signs of remorse.

Edwards is facing two charges of felony animal cruelty and has bonded out of jail.