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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A Halloween party turned into a crime scene after police say a man ran over a young metro mother and took off. 

“She was the best friend you could’ve asked for, a great sister, and an amazing mother,” Brianna McMillian said. 

Oklahoma City police identified the victim as 24-year-old Alivia Guiterrez. 

“She didn’t deserve that,” McMillian said. 

According to police, the party was held at a salon near S.W. 59th and Western. 

“A fight broke out inside and spilled out into the parking lot,” Sgt. Megan Morgan, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said. 

“I told her I loved her and to please stop fighting because it wasn’t worth it,” McMillian said. 

Brianna McMillian was one of the last people to see Alivia. She tells KFOR she gave Alivia a hug and a piece of advice before she decided to leave the party. 

“That’s what is tearing me up the most because I had just got done telling her to be careful and then this happens,” McMillian said. 

Police say Miguel Fuentes-Ramirez got behind the wheel of his vehicle and ran Alivia over several times. 

Then, Fuentes-Ramirez left without looking back.  

“I just want to know why, like why?” McMillian said. “I don’t get it. You didn’t just hit her, but you hit her and took off.”

Fuentes-Ramirez was picked up just hours after the party. He faces charges of manslaughter and leaving the scene of a deadly accident. 

“Why would you do this?” McMillian said. “She had everything going for her.”