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OKLAHOMA CITY – A new style of education is challenging kids to be active in the classroom. Experts hope the changes will increase attention spans and decrease restlessness.

It’s all part of a nationwide program called “Action Based Learning Labs,” which brought this program to seven schools in the metro, including Willow Brook Elementary in northeast Oklahoma City.

It’s a balancing act at Willow Brook Elementary. Kids are learning subjects, while moving at the same time.

“We know that adults can’t sit for more than 17 minutes without that brain going to sleep, so kids are the same way. We want to give them that opportunity to wake their brain up throughout the school day,” said Dana Chambers, with Schools for Healthy Lifestyles.

Studies show the brain is very active while exercising, and that increases the ability to learn.

“I like reading, it’s my favorite subject. I like playing on it, swinging on it,” Isaac Grant, a fifth grader, said about the snowboard learning station.

School leaders are already seeing a difference, helping to shape students’ futures.

“This helps them be a life-long learner and so when they grow up and become adults, they will contribute this to their children,” said Richelle Taylor, Willow Brook Elementary vice principal.

The Action Based Learning Labs are possible through a $ 2 million physical education federal grant for Schools for Healthy Lifestyles.

SHL hopes to add more labs at schools in the spring.

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