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OKLAHOMA – 48 hours after Michael Vance went on a violent shooting spree with an AK47, he remains on the run Tuesday night.

For two days and two nights, Oklahoma communities have been afraid.

“This is a nightmare we can’t wake up from,” said Vance’s uncle.

NewsChannel 4 spoke to Vance’s uncle by phone Tuesday.

He said they had no idea he was capable of this level of violence.

“He was just back and forth, back and forth, aiming, shooting at everybody,” said Tony Heavner.

Heavner watched in terror as Vance shot two Wellston police officers on his property Sunday night.

“I guarantee you there was over a thousand bullets exchanged out here, if not more, from him,” Heavner said.

Vance’s next victims were his relatives, Ron and Kay Wilkson.

He murdered and nearly dismembered them in Luther.

Vance’s family said he may have been planning this rampage for weeks, because he’d asked them to help him get a gun.

“Members of the family actually was unknowingly helping him out to get all these guns and all that stuff,” Vance’s uncle said.

The family said Vance was outraged after he was arrested for child sexual assault.

Some of his relatives said they don’t think he did it.

“All the allegations are completely bogus,” Vance’s uncle said.

At one point, investigators were able to track Vance by his cell phone, but Tuesday he went dark, and he’s believed to still be armed with an AK47.

“Honestly, since he’s still out there, I don’t believe anyone is safe in the state of Oklahoma,” Vance’s uncle said.