MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – A serious crash in Midwest City Friday night happened just before 9 p.m. A person was hit by a vehicle at Air Depot and Askew Drive. 

Emergency workers were performing CPR and the driver is cooperating. 

Businesses in the area told KFOR that the street is known for crashes. 

“People drive very fast when people leave work. They want to get home or whatever. And so, there’s a lot of traffic on Air Depot and a lot of people drive fast. And so, there are accidents, we hear ambulances and sirens pretty much daily,” said Gail Ingrim, owner of The Yarn Shop.  

Gail Ingrim is the owner of The Yarn Shop in Midwest City. 

The crash happened close to her business and said the street Air Depot has heavy traffic with a lot of speeders.  

“People run the red light, you know, they try to squeak by. And so, yeah, we’ve had minor things, not anything really major out there that I’m aware of,” said Ingrim. 

Ingrim was surprised to hear how serious the crash was.  

“There’s not a lot of light out there in that section of the street,” said Ingrim. 

Ingrim is extra cautious when traveling on the road even before hearing about this auto ped.  

“When I pull out, I’m very aware of the traffic and trying to get out because I park in the back of my store and come out without a stoplight. So sometimes I will go down to the stop. I can turn around and come back because I need to go the other direction because the traffic is hard to get out on that street,” said Ingrim. 

Another nearby business owner, Jamie Tran, said she’s been at the location for 14 years now and told KFOR crashes in the area are common.  

“I saw several of them,” said Jamie Tran, owner of A Buck Jewlery and More.  

No further details have been released and the cause of the collision still remains under investigation.