MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – Federal agents are investigating a Midwest City gun shop owner after discovering a dumpster full of guns on the shop’s property. The affidavit reveals agents and officers recovered 236 rifles and weapons.  

The owner, Raymond Anthony Mussatto, owns International Firearm Corporation LLC in Midwest City, along with two other gun shops in the metro. He’s being accused of improperly disposing the more than 230 shotguns that were found in a dumpster outside his business. 

The dumpster was filled to the brim with 236 rifles and weapons.  

A sanitation worker first found the guns on January 19th and then called police. 

The affidavit said agents were told by an employee the guns were damaged and didn’t work correctly, so the business was disposing of them. But the guns were tested, and some worked. 

KFOR went to the business Sunday afternoon. The business seemed to be closed so we called the number on the door. The woman who answered told us we had the wrong number when we asked to speak with Raymond Anthony Mussatto. She also told us we were calling her personal cell phone.  

“I’m sorry. You have the wrong number. It’s my personal cell phone,” said the International Firearm Corporation LLC employee. 

After telling the woman on the phone we got her number from the sign on the door, she told KFOR she works for the business International Firearm Corporation LLC. 

“I work for that business,” said the International Firearm Corporation LLC employee. 

After explaining the story KFOR was working on, we asked her for Raymond Anthony’s information. She told us she doesn’t have his phone number. 

“No, I’m sorry. I cannot comment,” said the International Firearm Corporation LLC employee. 

At a Planet Fitness only a couple of doors down from the gun shop, employees there are surprised after hearing the news.  

“Everybody was freaked out about it. It was the dumpster, literally right beside the one we put our trash in. I go over there and, like, chill back there sometimes,” said James Rackley, Planet Fitness employee. 

Rackley told KFOR he feels unsafe after hearing over 200 guns were found in a dumpster nearby. 

“It’s a little unsettling, but, you know, you got to work,” said Rackley. 

Rackley also said crime like that isn’t common in the area. 

“I mean, not like that or anything. Maybe like, you know, a homeless person, but, like, no crimes,” said Rackley.  

One employee at the gun shop business was accused of giving away some of the guns to people working nearby. One man who did not pass a background check.  

On Sunday, Midwest City Police told KFOR that ATF agents are now investigating. KFOR reached out to them and are waiting to hear back.