MIDWEST CITY, Okla. (KFOR) – In a statement Saturday night school officials confirmed that the 16-year-old who died after Friday night’s shooting at a high school football game was a Midwest City High School Student.

“The worst things that happen to us aren’t the ones that define us. We know we have better days ahead. That’s hard to see right now, but I believe it in my heart,” said Superintendent of Mid-Del Schools Dr. Rick Cobb in a statement. “It is with deep sadness that we inform you of the death of one of our Bombers who was in attendance during the Del City at Choctaw High School football game on Friday, August 25.”

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The shooting took place at a football game between Del City and Choctaw High School on Friday night.

Three others have been treated for injuries, according to officials and a suspect is still on the loose.

The Mid-Del Superintendent stated that they will have grief counselors available for anyone needing to speak with someone.

Superintendent of Choctaw-Nicoma Park Schools David Reid in a statement Saturday also announced counselors starting Monday, August 28th.

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“Out of respect for the student’s family, we are not releasing the name, but we know that they will never be able to fill that loss. Words cannot express the extent of our condolences to them,’ said Superintendent Cobb.