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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – A Midwest City neighborhood’s concerns are being addressed.

Homeowners in the Turtlewood community called News 4 after learning about plans for a new retention pond in their neighborhood. They said they were concerned that the new pond could bring on old problems.

“We’re just kind of concerned because we see what this pond is doing and then the new pond has steep sides also,” Kathy Fetters told News 4.

The retention ponds in the older section of the neighborhood are showing signs of erosion. The crumbling walls led many to have fears about flooding. The  HOA transfer for the old pond went through, but residents said they were concerned they would be forced to pay for any problems.

“We just don’t know how much, and we don’t know if they’re going to pay for all of it,” said Kathy Fetters. “We don’t know anything.”

Home Creations, the builder of the neighborhood, said they wanted to make sure the homeowners were happy with the transfer.

“We didn’t know that in 15 years we would be sitting in this situation obviously, and we want to make sure that the homeowners can come with us to solve the solution,” John Burris, a resident in the neighborhood and an employee with Home Creations, said.

Since the story aired, Home Creations announced that it is working to fix the problems, including a plan to control erosion around the pond. The company is also bringing in an independent engineer to design a concrete retaining wall that will be paid for with a $58,000 gift to the homeowner’s association.