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Reward money increased in Midwest City cold case

Bryan VanAssche and Shelby Hughes, Courtesy: Midwest City PD

MIDWEST CITY, Okla. – It’s been almost two years since a man and woman were brutally murdered in Midwest City.

Their bodies were found inside their burned out home on June 21st, 2014.

Police determined that Shelby Hughes and Bryan Vanassche had been killed before their house was set on fire.

There was initially a $5000 reward being offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction and has now been upped to $10,000.

“We’ve followed what leads we’ve had and unfortunately at this point the case is still unsolved and has grown cold,” said Detective Sergeant Wade Ramsey with the Midwest City police department.

A 911 call led firefighters to the home at 1437 Maple Drive.

The two bodies were found inside after the fire was extinguished and police determined they had been murdered, although they have never released exactly how.

Police did not keep it secret that both victims had struggled with drug addiction but that hasn’t changed their investigation of the case.

“They didn’t deserved what happened. And we are continuing to work towards solving this case. We want justice for them,” said Det. Sgt. Ramsey.

Atlee Hickerson grew up with VanAssche.

“I mean it’s definitely still a big mystery. They had definitely had their problems over the years, but it’s still just, who knows,” said Hickerson.

Hickerson was hopeful the first reward would have produced more results.

Now that it’s doubled, he hopes the money brings answers.

“I definitely hope so for their mothers’ sake definitely because both of them have been worrying sick for the last two years just kind of wanting an answer,” said Hickerson.

About a year ago, police arrested Tiffany Holman.

She was convicted of burglarizing the house on Maple Drive sometime in the week before the bodies were discovered.

But police say she passed a polygraph test in relation to the two deaths.

“We still believe that there’s someone or more than one person out there that has information about the murders of Bryan and Shelby and we’re hopeful that with the increased reward money, they’ll come forward and we can solve this case,” said Det. Sgt. Ramsey.

If you have any information, call Det. Ramsey at 405-739-1330.