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EDMOND, Okla – Single mother of three, Lora Hester, bought an Edmond home, knowing it would be a project.

She said, “We would come in from school or work and do whatever we could, a little at a time.”

Every spare moment was spent patching drywall and repairing leaky plumbing.

Tanner Brown told us, ” We’d come home and say, ‘This pipe is leaking.’ We’d spend that week learning how on YouTube and Google and eventually get it done.”

One repair after another, this fixer-upper became an overwhelming money pit.

Mike McDaniel, with Trilink Restoration, said, “They needed some help. It was in pretty rough shape. We heard about it and it’s our way of giving back.”

Trilink officials learned of the family’s plight, recruited several local contractors and gave Lora and her kids a $30,000 floor to ceiling renovation.

Hester said, “They are complete strangers, I’ve never met them before. It was as if it was a gift, a gift from God.”

The home will have new light fixtures, cabinets and flooring.

Working around the clock, these Good Samaritans will have the house finished just in time for Christmas.

For Lora and her family, this is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

She said, “I hope one day I can pay it forward and I want to tell them how grateful I am for everything they’ve done for us. From the bottom of my heart, it’s a gift from God. Trilink is a gift from God for us.”