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CLEVELAND COUNTY, Okla. – It’s a story we’ve been following for weeks. A mobile home has been blocking a portion of a Cleveland County road. It was a headache for residents, even causing one woman’s home health care to stop service.

The mobile home was abandoned on their road. It was falling apart.

The neighbors tried for months to get help, eventually calling KFOR.

We’ve been working with Cleveland County officials for weeks now regarding the issue. The sheriff’s office repeatedly told us there was nothing they could do, but then the county commissioner for that district and a company out of Enid stepped in to help residents take their road back.

The company which stepped up to help is ECO Alliance, out of Enid.

Charles Dague, one of the residents, watched as the mobile home was demolished.

He said, “He had it smashed down in not very long, down to the ground.”

Dorian Williams heard the sounds of the crews at work.

She said, “It’s gone. I went down there. It’s fantastic.”

For Dorian, who is battling cancer in her liver, her lungs and her intestines, this means her home health care can now reach her.

She said, “My prayers were answered. If it hadn’t been for you…”

Residents were worried about the mobile home and what it might attract. The windows were all busted out and the wiring was stripped.

Dague says he tried for three months to get the county to help but never had any luck until our stories aired.

He said, “Nobody would do nothing. We get the news on it and everyone started doing what they need to do.”

While the owner of the mobile home was never found, ECO Alliance was able to step in thanks to a court order the county commissioner worked to secure.

Glen Knudson, with ECO Alliance, said, “After we got the letter from the county and the court it made us pretty comfortable going in to clean it up.”

Dorian and Charles, along with several other neighbors, watched the cleanup. They are grateful for the help in getting their road cleared.

Dague said, “It’s a lot easier getting in and out now.”

Williams said, “It’s just a big relief.”

We want to thank ECO Alliance for their willingness to step in and voluntarily help the community out.

The road is completely cleared. There are no signs of the mobile home left.

It’s great news for Dorian. She says her home health care is coming back out later this week.