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OKLAHOMA CITY – A mom and her five children are safe after a bizarre fire early Thursday morning in southwest Oklahoma City.

Just before 4 a.m., emergency crews raced to a home near S.W. 52nd and Villa.

By the time firefighters arrived, there was light smoke and a small fire on the front porch.

Tina Luna told firefighters she woke up to find their TV on fire.

“I woke up, and I see that my TV was up in flames like that,” Tina said.

The TV had overheated and caught fire.

The mother of five dragged the burning TV outside the home.

“I grabbed the blanket off the bed, and I just threw it on the TV and started dragging it out the door,” Tina said.

Her 14-year-old son tried to put out the blaze with a bucket of water.

“Had to help my mom. I didn’t want to see our house go down in flames. It’s sad to see this floor burnt,” said Jose Luna.

Tina and Jose suffered minor injuries.

The mother said she is thankful her five children are okay.

Jose said he is thankful for his mom’s quick life-saving actions.

“She’s a hero. She’s been my hero since I was born,” Jose said.

Firefighters said the TV overheated because the vents were covered.

“Keep things away from your electrical appliances. Allow them enough room to breathe. That way, they can stay cool.”

Tina said this incident has forced her to be extra cautious.

“I feel better that my kids are okay. That’s the main thing. The house is replaceable, but my children, you can’t replace them,” she said.

Fortunately, the house is livable.

The fire caused about $5,000 worth of damage, mostly caused by smoke.

Tina said her two little kids lost a lot of their clothes in the fire.

If you’d like to donate some clothes to her family, call KFOR  at 405-478-6395 and we will connect you to the family.