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OKLAHOMA CITY – The group, “Moms Demand Gun Sense in America,” showed up Thursday outside U.S. Senator Tom Coburn’s office hoping their concerns would be heard.

They said some sort of gun control is needed not only here at home but across the U.S.

They are a small group fighting a big fight.

Member Jennifer Joy said, “We’re not trying to take guns away from responsible law-abiding gun owners. We are trying to keep the guns out of the wrong hands.”

The group was formed following the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy late last year.

Sabine Brown, another group member, said, “That was very personal to me because it was easy to imagine how that could happen to my child or happen anywhere across America.”

It’s a tragedy not only inspiring these moms but lawmakers.

Thursday action was taken on four measures at the State Capitol.

All four authored in reaction to the Newtown, Connecticut, shooting and all focused on keeping kids safe in our state schools.

Rep. Fred Jordan said, “As a state, we have a few core functions. The most important educating our children and providing public safety and these two go hand in hand.”

While the moms were hoping to get the attention of Sen. Coburn, they also want action on the state level.

Their fight is for expanded background checks.

Brown said, “We realize nothing is going to be a perfect solution but every life we can save is worth it.”

While they marched in downtown Oklahoma City, a few miles away at the Capitol, legislators passed House Bill 258.

The measure requires school districts to make law enforcement aware of a district’s emergency plans.

Rep. Jordan said, “They know where the schools are, where the exits are, what the plans are to get students in and out of the building, so you have a well-oiled machine so they can react quickly and save as many students as possible.”

As for the other three measures passed in the house Thursday, they would create an Oklahoma School Security Institute to increase school safety, require districts to conduct lockdown drills, and require schools to report if a firearm is discovered on school property.

If you want more on the group “Moms Demand Action” you can check out their Facebook page