EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – After having its ups and downs (and miraculous moments) Moni’s Pasta & Pizza in Edmond announced it closed its doors.

In a heartfelt letter posted to their Facebook page Friday, the owners Rachel and John Foster announced that “though our doors may be closing today (Friday), the memories we’ve crafted together are indelible.”

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It was last year that Rachel was in a serious scooter accident that nearly killed her. She was in a coma at an Oklahoman hospital for over a week. The whole time her husband John was told that she may never even breathe again.

The last thing he was thinking about was whether the restaurant would continue. Miraculously she would wake up and even started training for the Boston Marathon.

The two were inseparable and eventually, they would run back to Moni’s Pasta & Pizza to open up their doors again.

There was no reason necessarily given as to why the owners decided to close their doors. When reached for comment they told KFOR that the letter below says it all.

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“It feels as if we blinked and nearly a decade has swept by. Ast the sun sets on the cozy bistro that has been our heart and soul for nine and a half incredible years, we find ourselves overwhelmed with a myriad of emotions – gratitude being the foremost.

Our journey began as a dream, a small spark with my wife pouring her love and passion into every plate that left the kitchen, and myself welcoming each guest as if they were entering our home. Today, as we pen down this letter, we see that spark having ignited countless memories, friendships, relationships, and heartwarming moments.

To our surrounding neighborhood, you have been the backbone of our existence. From the curious faces on our opening night to the familiar smiles that became a part of our daily lives, you’ve been more than just customers; you’ve become our folk, encouraging us, giving insightful feedback, picking us up in the low moments, checking on us, and celebrating our shared successes. Many of you have celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones within our walls, and for that trust and honor, we are eternally thankful.

To our remarkable staff over the years – words fall gravely short. You have not just been employees but an extension of our fervor and our clan. The dedication, passion, and love you showed everyday made the magic happen. It is you who breathed life into our vision, made our guests feel special, and turned our dream into reality. Watching you practice new skills, learn, outgrow Moni’s, graduate schooling, marry and start families – that feeling is an everlasting ember to our spirits through dark nights.

And lastly, to every soul who walked through our doors and allowed us to be part of your story – THANK YOU. for every laguhter, every tear, every jubilee, and every quiet moment shraed at our tables, we are profoundly grateful.

Though our doors may be closing today, the memories we’ve crafted together are indelible. As we embark on our next chapter, we carry with us the warmth and love this community has blessed us with. We may not be serving dishes anymore, but the essence of what we created here will forever be etched in our hearts.

Until we meet again, cherish the memories, keep the love alive, and joyfully remember the enchanting evenings at our little eatery, our labor of love – Moni’s.

With all our love,”

The Fosters, Rachel and John