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HONOBIA, Okla. – Oklahoma is home to all kinds of creatures from armadillos to black bears.

But, folks here in southeast Oklahoma will tell you there is another creature roaming these mountains.

If you’re gathering around the campfire, needing some nightmare fodder, look no further than Honobia, Oklahoma.

“For every one sighting, there will be three never told, because they don’t want to be seen as crazy,” Troy Hudson said.

Folks travel to this isolated corner of the state every first week in October for the annual Bigfoot Festival.

Beverly Alms and her family traveled here from Illinois.

Skeptics at first but, three days in the wilderness, and they are believers.

“I’m completely convinced that they are here, and who knows what else?” Alms said. “Our first night up in the woods, they were all over the place.”

Troy Hudson takes tourists on Sasquatch expeditions.

Oh, the things he’s seen lurking in the woods.

“They don’t all look the same. They don’t all look like a tall, hairy creature,” Hudson said. “One was right around 14 feet, which is abnormally large. The average is eight to nine feet.”

This is an annual pilgrimage for Farlan Huff.

This year, he claims to have had a close encounter with the elusive giant.

“Bigfoot just stayed in the shadow of that building, but I could see his eyes were illuminated,” Huff said. “He was gone in a flash. ‘Oh my God, that was a Bigfoot.'”

They’ve got blurry photos and footprints to substantiate the tales of a hairy mountain monster.

Artie Carnes runs the Christian camp here and said he’s still not convinced.

“They have a story or know someone who has a story, and I’m all for it,” he said. “It’s just that I need to see it myself, a whole Bigfoot, maybe have a conversation, baptize him. Then, I’ll be a believer.”

If nothing else, folks leave here with some great stories and souvenirs.

Jolly Windsor runs the store here and said, if it has Bigfoot on it, people will buy it.

When the sun goes down, you never know what’ll come out in the hills of southeast Oklahoma.

Bigfoot expeditions are already being booked for the spring of 2016.

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