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MOORE, Okla. — An elementary student was allegedly stabbed in the eye with a pencil by another student during school, according to the child’s parent.

“It’s hard to see my son cry and scared. I just want something more for him,” Sarena Garner told News 4.

So, when she got the call, Garner said she was mortified.

“I got a phone call around 4:05, and it was a lady named Wendi and she says ‘I’m just calling to let you know there was an incident at school today with your son,'” Garner said. “I said, ‘Okay, what happened?'”

Her 6-year-old son, Zadrian, came home with a big scratch on the back of his neck after a recent alleged bullying incident. So, Garner was terrified to hear what happened this time.

“She said, ‘Well, there was an incident where a little girl stabbed your son in the eye with a pencil,’ and she says ‘I was there, but I just don’t know how it happened’ and then she says ‘I don’t understand how it happened because they were not at the same table,'” Garner said. “I was kind of confused, and I was just listening to what she was saying and I was like, ‘Well, thank you for calling me.'”

Garner later learned she will have to take Zadrian to a specialist in order to have his eye looked at.

“I started thinking about it, and I got more upset because I was like why didn’t she call me when it happened instead of waiting until after school? Because, I could have taken him to the hospital and got him checked out before then,” Garner said.

When we stopped by the school the next morning, the principal was unaware of the incident and told us they would be investigating.

No word if this was bullying, but Garner said she just wants the bullying to stop and is even considering homeschooling if it doesn’t.

“I just want to protect him, as a mother, and I expect these teachers to protect them because I leave them in their care,” Garner said.

Administrators are now looking into the incident.