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MOORE, Okla. (KFOR) – Two Moore High School students are recovering after being struck in a hit and run crash that killed two students, but one student remains in critical condition, and his family is asking for prayers.

Members of Moore High School’s cross country track team were struck while on a run through a neighborhood. Two of them – Rachel Freeman, a senior, and Yuridia Martinez, a sophomore – were killed.

Shiloh Hutchinson and Joseph White have both been released from the hospital.

Kolby Crum, however, is still in critical condition.

A spokesperson for Crum’s family said Kolby had some swelling in his brain on Thursday, and there haven’t been any significant changes in the past 24 hours.

Crum’s family is heartbroken, and they are asking for prayers.

The spokesperson said due to the severity of Kolby’s brain injury, it may be some time before Kolby shows any signs of progression or improvement.

Caleb Freeman, a Newcastle High School runner who survived a horrific car accident a few years ago, and his family are part of Kolby’s prayer warrior group.

Caleb’s father, Jeremy, said the following to News 4 on Thursday: “Kolby’s family was in the same room we were on the night of Caleb’s accident. Caleb’s presence brings hope and reminds people anything is possible with God.”

Moore city officials released the following statement about the fatal hit and run crash on the city’s official Facebook page:

“The City of Moore is heartbroken by the tragedy that occurred here on February 3rd. Our deepest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones. Our thoughts are with those still fighting to live and those recovering from this horrific act. Our 34th Street bridge will be lit with Moore High School’s prominent color to show our love and support. ‘Royal Blue, Faithful, Always True'”

Moore city officials

Relief funds for all the victims, for Kolby, for Joseph and for Yuridia’s family have been set up online. Rachel and Yuridia’s families have also asked that donations be made to charities benefiting causes that Rachel and Yuridia cared about.