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MOORE, Okla. – Thursday we were given a rare glimpse at May’s fury.

The Moore Police Department released dash camera video of the tornado as it swept across Moore.

The video shows the massive tornado as the officer watches from a few blocks south.

It’s video Sergeant Mark Snavely said is still hard to see considering the damage it left behind.

Snavely said, “At that point, I’m thinking to myself there is going to be heavy destruction.”

The dash cam video of the May 20 tornado shows just how massive the twister was.

Snavely said, “We knew there was going to be some heavy damage in the area.”

Snavely said, “As it came it to our city we could see some of the rooftops and heavy debris.”

He was sitting near Santa Fe and S.W. 28th St. when the video begins.

He then moves on to Santa Fe, pointing North toward 19th St as the tornado crosses in front of him.

He said, “From my position here I could see this was a monster tornado. I knew we were going to have monumental damage to our town.”

Power lines flash before him as the tornado crosses Santa Fe and into the neighborhoods where both Briarwood and Plaza Towers Elementary schools once stood.

In fact, just watching the nearly 10-minute long video is still hard for Sgt. Snavely.

He said, “It brings back some of the memories I think I suppressed a little bit. You start remembering little things you forgot or covered up.”

Once the tornado passes Santa Fe the officer makes his way through an apartment complex parking lot, dodging debris and battling heavy rain on his way to begin looking for survivors.

Sgt. Snavely went straight from where the video cut off to Plaza Towers Elementary.

While he didn’t want to talk about that part of that day we know he spent the next several hours at the school searching for survivors.