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MCALESTER, Okla. – News 4 is receiving more details on the Oklahoma teen accused of wanting to shoot 400 of her old high school classmates while allegedly bragging to her pizza place co-worker about the recent purchase of an AK-47.

Police describing the baby-faced 18-year-old Alexis Wilson as a “serious threat” for her alleged mass shooting plot in McAlester.

We’re hearing from a local family claiming Wilson has threatened to kill before. Even putting it in black and white, in a school yearbook just last year.

The family never reported Alexis Wilson because they didn`t believe she was an actual threat saying Wilson just wanted to prove to other girls at the boarding school she was someone not to mess with.

“She wrote in everyone`s yearbooks, ‘if you don`t see me on the news just know I am doing good’. Then we see her on the news, and it is just crazy,” said Adara Collins.

Just last year, 17-year-old Adara Collins and 18-year-old Alexis Wilson attended Thunderbird Youth Academy.

“I think she needed help just like everyone else does at some point. I believe if she got help it wouldn`t have escalated to this point.”

Monday, Wilson was allegedly in possession of an AK-47, a 12-gauge shotgun, six high-capacity magazines and several rounds of ammunition. Two coworkers reporting to authorities Wilson said there were people at McAlester High School that she would like to gun down “for fun.”

The threats, an unsettling reminder to Collin’s mother, Lisa Price. Price remembers a phone call when Wilson threatened to stab and kill her daughter with a fork.

Price and Collins both believing Wilson is mentally unstable and needed someone to lean on for support.

“If they’re crying for help, they need to go ask for help. This is not the way to do it, because we’re going to prosecute, we’re going to charge them, or the district attorney is going to prosecute them to the fullest effect,” said Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris.

Pittsburg County authorities taking the threat very seriously. The sheriff going to Facebook calling the person who reported the threats the ‘true hero’ to help prevent a possible mass shooting.

Alexis Wilson was charged with felony terrorist hoax and is being held on a $250,000 bond at the Pittsburg County Jail. She will be back in court next Friday. If convicted, Wilson faces up to 10 years in prison.