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OKLAHOMA CITY – In the wake of the education funding crisis in Oklahoma, folks have been finding creative ways to help our students.

Now, thanks to a teacher and her husband, hundreds of Oklahoma City children went home with brand new books Friday.

It all started with generosity at a food truck and ended with tons of smiles at Capitol Hill Elementary.

“We have a lot of kids that don’t have much at home,” said Kathleen Liner, a special education teacher at Capitol Hill Elementary. “We are a title one school, and they get so excited about books so I thought it would be nice for everybody to have a book.”

Kathleen and her husband, Scott, also own Yum Pig Food Truck.

“It was inspired, I tell people, by the one book I read, which is Charlotte’s Webb and instead of ‘Sum Pig’ – ‘Yum Pig,'” Scott said.

Now, don’t let Scott fool you. He and his family are very passionate about reading.

In fact, so much so that, for every serving of their famous Cowboy Mac N Cheese they sell, they set aside 50 cents for books for deserving children.

“We were kind of inspired through the teacher walkout and just – education needs help,” Scott said.

On Friday, grade by grade, students had books ready for them to take home.

We found one particular favorite.

“Captain Underpants,” said Nason.

“Captain Underpants,” Rider agreed.

“To see them just get after it, it’s worth it, it’s definitely worth it,” Scott said.

Now, the mission of giving isn’t over yet. They’re still going to be taking donations and, who knows, maybe your school could be next.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help – visit the Yum Pig OKC Facebook page.

You can also donate through their their GoFundMe.