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OKLAHOMA CITY – Experts are warning Americans of a crime that goes hand in hand with the start of a new year.

For revelers New Year’s Eve can go from celebration to devastation in an instant.  The most common New Year’s crime may not be what you think.

Tyler Laughlin with the Oklahoma Insurance Department says, “As they go and celebrate this new year they need to be aware that burglars are trying to take their cars.”

According to the Insurance Crime Bureau, over 4,000 vehicles were stolen on New Year’s day and new Year’s Eve in 2012.

That high number ranked Oklahoma City 15th in the nation for stolen vehicles on the New Year’s holiday.

One problem, with so many people going out to celebrate there’s a lot more cars to steal.

Honda Accords and Chevy and Ford pick-ups are especially susceptible as they round out the top three most popular cars to steal in Oklahoma.

“They’re so vast that they can just sell them to anybody,” says Laughlin. “They can get rid of them really quickly.”

So what can you do to keep yourself from falling victim? Oklahoma City police say of course remember to lock your car and park in well-lit areas.

Officers can’t be everywhere tonight so the best thing you can do is to make it a hard crime to commit.

Sgt. Gary Knight says, “You want to make it as difficult as possible for a criminal so your car is not as attractive of a target.”

“We just want to make sure that consumers are paying attention as they go into the New Year,” says Laughlin. “I can think of nothing worse than starting a new year and having your car stolen.”

Experts warn that auto burglaries are not covered under a lot of insurance policies, so be sure to look over your coverage.