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Each year, the trendiest Halloween costumes are typically derived from the year’s most talked-about news stories.

And in 2015, there are plenty of choices that are sure to be the highlight of this year’s festivities…Some are positive, some are controversial.

For instance, Kim Davis is expected to be one of the most popular costumes this year.

She’s the Kentucky court clerk who refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

Bruce Jenner made big headlines when transitioning to Caitlyn.

And while some are calling this costume “transphobic,” Jenner herself says she thinks the idea is great and doesn’t find the costumes offensive at all.

Another costume that many are calling “tasteless” is Walter Palmer, the dentist who made headlines for killing Cecil the lion.

But PETA has come out with their own rendition – Cecil attacking the dentist!

If political figures are your thing, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and John Boehner are all expected to be big this Halloween.

The ice bucket challenge, the nationwide initiative to raise awareness for ALS, will surely be a Halloween hit!

Remember the “What color is it dress?”

This costume reflects both the black and blue or white and gold optical illusion.

The beloved rat carrying an entire slice of pizza down into a New York subway station, nicknamed “Pizza Rat,” already has its own costume!

Even though Miley Cyrus and her infamous wrecking ball had everyone talking last year, it’s expected to make another comeback this year.

Trick or treaters have come up with all kinds of creative costumes from dogs to friends, and even pregnant bellies!

Among the top trendiest kids’ costumes this year – Star Wars, The Minions, super heroes, and the ever favorite Disney princesses are all predicted to be trick-or-treaters’ favorites.