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OKLAHOMA CITY – “We hadn’t really seen them in a while… Everybody gets so busy and, then, you don’t realize that you haven’t made the time to see these people and, now, they’re gone,” said Kayla James, Eric Ewald’s cousin.

Family members are reacting after they lost two of their own in a fatal car crash Friday.

“How fast stuff can happen and how fast you can you lose your loved ones in a matter of seconds,” James said.

The family told us that 8-year-old Rylee Ewald; her mom, Tonya Horn; and her dad, Eric, were on their way home from the vet.

“They were supposed to pick the dog up at noon… but Rylee really wanted to be there for it… since it is her puppy. They waited until she got out of school or got home to pick her up,” said Kimberly Grout, Eric’s cousin.

That’s when they were hit by a speeding truck.

The two people in the truck, Andrew Munoz and Deanna Alvarez, were running from police.

“Eric, Tonya and Rylee were in an accident. Tonya and Rylee didn’t make it,” Grout said.

Her family said Rylee loved to dance and animals. She was also a huge fan of the Chicago Cubs, just like her dad.

“Her grandmother said that she got upset ’cause she wanted to throw out some milk and she said, no, the cows work hard for that,” Grout said.

They said Tonya was always full of joy.

“Every time that we saw Tonya, she was always smiling, always happy… she welcomed us every time,” Grout said.

Grout said, as of Monday, Eric is still in the hospital. He had two surgeries one on his ribs and one on his pelvis. She also said he broke his jaw and has a spinal injury.

“I kissed him on his hand and told him we are all here for him every step of the way… no matter what,” she said.

“I think he’s very strong, and he’s got so much support that I think he’ll be okay. It’ll be hard, but he’ll push through it,” James said.

The family is trying to figure out how they’ll move forward.

“Grateful that he’s still here but heartbroken that they’re not and, now, he has to live life without them,” James said.

Yukon Public Schools said they will offer extra grief counseling for students and teachers that may need it.

They’ve started a GoFundMe for the family here.