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OKLAHOMA CITY – The mother of one of the two men killed and dismembered following a Craigslist exchange is speaking out about her heartbreak and calling for severe justice.

“It’s like my whole world’s been crumbled,” said Kennetha Moreland.

Four people have now been charged in connection to the murders of her son, Jarron Moreland, and his friend, Alize Ramon Smith.

Authorities say Kevin Garcia-Boettler and Brett Boettler went to meet Moreland and Alize for a gun sale in a Crest parking lot in Moore. The brothers told police they thought one of the victims was racking a gun and turned around and shot them several times.

According to court documents, the brothers took the bodies to the home of Johnny Barker, their mother, Crystal Boettler’s boyfriend. There they allegedly dismembered the bodies and dropped them to the bottom of a pond.

Now, Kennetha is left with nothing but the memory of her son, and his ashes. His son, Jarron, Jr., robbed of his father.

“I can’t even have proper closure because my baby is disfigured,” Kenneth said, “and I can’t even see him.”

She said she knew something terrible had happened.

“When it first happened, I told the detective that if my son don’t call me by a certain time, my son is hurt bad or he is dead,” Kennetha said.

Then one blow after the next. First, she learned he was found dead.

“Felt like somebody ripped my heart out of my chest,” Kennetha said.

The pain worsened when Kennetha and her family learned their bodies were in pieces.

“The medical examiner told me to remember the vision that I have of him in my mind,” Kennetha said. “The funeral home director man, when he got him, he said, you don’t want to look at him because that’s something that you’ll never, ever, ever forget.”

She said she can’t understand the cruelty of keeping the bodies from their desperate families. What’s more, she questions what really happened the night the boys disappeared, whether it was only a gun sale gone bad, as the defendants contend.

“To me, it’s like y’all planned to torture them,” she said.

She said she won’t rest until she gets justice for her son. Kennetha said she wants to see them receive the same treatment they allegedly gave Jarron and Alize.

“I know he’s in heaven, he’s looking down,” Kennetha said, “and he knows that his mama got him.”